Installing a lift kit to your SUV or truck gives you an amazing suspension system to drive anywhere you want. It also works as a perfect way to increase the ground clearance of your vehicle. However, you must learn how to properly install leveling lift kit before getting to the process as it can be pretty challenging for beginners.
If you start from the beginning, we recommend you spend some time looking for the right lift kit for your vehicle. Raising the vehicle’s height to several inches can affect its stability during sharp turns. Check out SuncentAuto’s lift kits by entering your vehicle model and finding compatible options.
Once you have the lift kit with you, move to the next part and find out what you need to install a leveling lift kit on your truck correctly.

Preparation to Install Leveling Lift Kit

We have put together some basic instructions with the tools required for the process. Go through the items and ensure they are in your tool kit before removing the first bolt from your vehicle.
Items you’ll need:
Suspension lift kit
Lug wrench
Pry bar
Jack Stand
Spring Compressor
Estimated Time
Installing leveling lift kit is a lengthy process that requires various steps. Thus, it should take 5-6 hours for a beginner while a professional can do it in around 4 hours. Another thing to consider is the truck or SUV as every vehicle has different designs and some may require modifications to install the lift kit.
So, you should keep at least 6 hours for the process and all the required tools handy.
Important Notice
A lift kit includes various components it is not just like replacing a single part from your vehicle. Thus, you must have some assembly knowledge or you must be able to understand things quickly to complete the process. It’s always best to have a professional look over the installation process to ensure that nothing goes wrong during installation.
Furthermore, many manufacturers will provide detailed instructions on how to install their specific lift kits so be sure to read these thoroughly before beginning the project. This will help ensure that all parts fit correctly and all steps are followed accurately during installation.

Guide to Install Leveling Lift Kit on Your Vehicle

Here we will cover the complete process in 3 parts. Make sure to perform the checks after completing each part and follow the steps accordingly. Also, we recommend you assemble your leveling lift kit before starting the process.

Part 1- Raising the Truck with Jack

Find Jack Spot- Find the jack spot of your vehicle so that you can raise it to the required height safely.
Position Jack- Position the jack to the right spot and start extending it using the stand. Make sure to use a side stand for extra safety for the process.
Note: Loosen the wheel nuts in this part but do not remove them yet.

Part 2- Removing Wheels and Other Components

Remove Wheels- Remove the wheels from your truck using a wrench. It should easily come off as we have already loosened up the bolts while the vehicle was still on the ground.
Remove Shocks and Struts- In this step, remove the shocks from the vehicle. They are mounted vertically on the axis. Remove all three/four bolts and put the components and bolts aside.
Remove Springs- Remove all the springs from the suspension system while using a spring compressor.
By the end of this part, you will have everything ready to install the lift kit on your vehicle. 

Part 3- Installing Lift Kit and Other Components

Install Lift Kit- Now install the lift kit according to the instructions provided with the product. 
Install Shocks and Struts- Install the shocks and struts including the complete suspension system back to their place. 
Install Wheels- Put the wheels back in their place using the torque wrench and check the wheel alignment.
The important thing here is to inspect the vehicle after installing every bolt. Now, measure the front part of the vehicle to check the increased height and take the vehicle for a test drive in a safe environment.

FAQs About Installing Lift Kit

Q: Can you install a lift kit at home?
It could be an intimidating task for a novice mechanic. However, with the right tools and instructions, it’s something that a car enthusiast with mechanical know-how can do in their garage.
Q: What do you need to install a lift kit?
You need all the basic tools that you will find in your toolkit. It includes a wrench, spring compressor, hammer, pry bar, jack stand, and some other tools. Having additional tools like a torque wrench, impact wrench, and breaker bar can make the process much easier for you.
Q: How much does installing a lift kit cost?
A leveling lift kit can cost you anywhere between $50 to $200 depending on the quality and the vehicle model you choose. It does not include the installation charges as most people like to install it themselves.

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