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KAX® 2001-2005 Toyota RAV4 L4 2.0L 2.4L Radiator

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   |   SKU: 8516CFK0552US
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In Stock
Year Make Model Engine
2001 Toyota RAV4 2.0l L4
2002 Toyota RAV4 2.0l L4
2003 Toyota RAV4 2.0l L4
2004 Toyota RAV4 2.4l L4
2005 Toyota RAV4 2.4l L4
Features & Benefits:
Security Certification
ISO / IATF 16949 certified, direct fit and made from high quality materials to meet OEM specifications

Perfect Fit, Easy Installation
Replacement brand radiators are designed to be an exact match for yourvehicle’sfactory radiator.
A perfect fit allows for a hassle-free installation.

Louvered Core Fins For Increased Airflow
Louvered core fins increase airflow and accelerate heat transferto keep your engine running cool.
Subject to aging and endurance testing to validate performance under extreme weather conditions.

Aluminum Core and Durable Plastic Tank
Highest grade plastic tanks with aluminum core - made to withstand rust and wear

Highly Efficient Heat Dissipation
KAX Radiator is at least 35%-45% more efficient than market stock ones.
Why Your Car Needs a Radiator?
Radiators are essential in keeping your engine cool and removing excess heat that accumulates when the engine burns fuel. A failing radiator can lead to engine and transmission failure caused by overheating. Our radiators are 100% leak tested to prevent coolant loss and keep your engine running efficiently.
About KAX
KAX radiators help your engine keep its cool, even under the most strenuous driving conditions. Innovative design traits, such as louvered core fins that accelerate heat transfer, help Replacement radiators deliver exceptional performance. At the same time, each radiator is built to factory specifications for a hassle-free installation.
How to replace the radiator
1. Disconnect the battery.
2. Drain the radiator fluid into a suitable container.
3. Remove the old radiator:
 -Take off any plastic covers around the radiator.
 -Disconnect the electrical connector to the fan, and unbolt and remove the fan assembly.
 -Disconnect the radiator hoses from the radiator.
 -Disconnect the transmission cooling lines from the bottom of the radiator.
 -Remove any clamps, brackets, or screws holding the radiator inside its frame.
 -Lift the radiator up and out of the car.
4. Install the new radiator:
 -Slide the new radiator into place.
 -Connect any clamps or brackets that hold the radiator in place.
 -Connect the transmission cooling lines carefully.
 -Connect the engine cooling hoses to the radiator.
 -Replace the fan and fan shroud.
 -Reconnect the fan electrical connection.
 -Replace the plastic covers.
5. Fill the radiator with fluid.
6. Check your work to make sure that there are no leaks.
(Tools need to be prepared: Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Drain pan)
Note: Do please keep children and pets away when replacing the radiator)
How to clean radiator
1. Start the vehicle, to rise to normal temperature. Slowly open the tank cover, the fluid shake from the tank after filling the mouth, the cleaner can be mixed with any brand of coolant. Idle running not less than 15 minutes, not cleaning vehicles not less than 30 minutes for two years. And then discharge coolant, flush water tank, until out of clear water, suitable for any water cycle system.
2. After cleaning, after waiting for pipeline rehabilitation add fluid to water tank, and inject new coolant and water purification
Maintenance Tips
1. The radiator should not be in contact with any acid, alkali or other corrosive properties.
2. It is recommended to use soft water. Hard water should be used after softening treatment to avoid blockage of the radiator and the generation of scale.
3. Use antifreeze, in order to avoid corrosion of the radiator, be sure to use a long-term anti-rust and antifreeze that is produced by a regular manufacturer and meets national standards.
4. In the process of installing the radiator, please do not damage the radiator (sheet) or bump the radiator to ensure the heat dissipation capacity and sealing.
5. When the radiator is completely drained and then filled with water, turn on the drain switch of the engine block first, and then close it when water flows out to avoid blisters.
6. In daily use, check the water level at any time, and add water after stopping the machine to cool down. When adding water, slowly open the water tank cover, and the operator should stay away from the water filling port as much as possible to prevent burns caused by high-pressure steam spraying from the water filling port.
7. In winter, in order to prevent the core from rupturing due to freezing, such as long-term parking or indirect parking, the water tank cover and drain switch should be released to release all the water.
8. The effective environment of the spare radiator should be kept ventilated and dry.
9. Depending on the actual situation, the user should completely clean the core of the radiator within 1 to 3 months. When cleaning, rinse with clean water along the reverse side of the air inlet.
10. The water level gauge should be cleaned once every 3 months or depending on the actual situation, all parts are removed and cleaned with warm water and non-corrosive detergent.
Package includes
Radiator *1
Using Guide *1
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