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KAX® 250-24420 Oxygen Sensor

4.64 star rating
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   |   SKU: KX2SO209600

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  • Please check the plug & fitment notes & filter system & description for accurate information. 100% exact match OE standard 250-24420 24293 2344416 oxygen sensor,15.75 inch cable; fit for: 2002-2003 Camry LE/SE/XLE; 2013-2015 GS450h; 2004-2007 Highlander Base; 2006-2010 Highlander Hybrid; 2006-2010 Highlander Hybrid Limited; 2004-2007 Highlander Limited; 2006-2007 Highlander Sport; 2010-2012 HS250h; 2012-2015 iQ; 2009-2016 LS460; 2004-2006 RX330; 2007-2014 RX350; 2006-2008 RX400h
  • Replacing your engine’s oxygen sensor can improve engine performance and fuel economy, reduce harmful emissions, and prevent premature catalytic converter damage; fit for: 2011-2012 Sienna Base; 2004-2007 Sienna CE; 2004-2012 Sienna LE; 2006-2007/2011-2012 Sienna Limited; 2011-2012 Sienna SE; 2004-2007/2011-2012 Sienna XLE; 2004-2007 Sienna XLE; 2008-2015 Sienna; 2002-2003 Solara SE; 2005-2010 tC; 2009-2011 Venza Base/LE/XLE; 2008-2016 xB Base
  • Manufactured to the highest standards, KAX oxygen sensors are durable and resistant to oxidation and high temperatures, ensuring long-term stable performance
  • Thorough testing by our engineers guarantees 100% accurate data transfer to the engine management system for optimal engine operation and longevity
  • Direct Plug-In Replacement, KAX oxygen sensors are easy to install on your vehicle, and come with pre-coated threads to assist installation

KAX premium oxygen sensors are manufactured to exacting standards,utilizing the most up-to-date production technology to bring you an O2 sensor that keeps your engine running at its best, for longer

KAX 234-4149 oxygen sensor compatible with the flowing vehicles:

2002-2003 Camry LE/SE/XLE 2.4L L4 Gas

2013-2015 GS450h

2004-2007 Highlander Base 3.3L V6 Gas

2006-2010 Highlander Hybrid 3.3L V6 Electric/Gas

2006-2010 Highlander Hybrid Limited 3.3L V6 Electric/Gas

2004-2007 Highlander Limited 3.3L V6 Gas

2006-2007 Highlander Sport 3.3L V6 Gas

2010-2012 HS250h

2012-2015 iQ

2009-2016 LS460

2004-2006 RX330

2007-2014 RX350

2006-2008 RX400h

2010 RX450h Base 3.5L V6 Electric/Gas

2011-2012 Sienna Base 3.5L V6 Gas

2004-2007 Sienna CE 3.5L V6 Gas

2004-2012 Sienna LE 3.5L V6 Gas

2006-2007/2011-2012 Sienna Limited 3.5L V6 Gas

2011-2012 Sienna SE 3.5L V6 Gas

2004-2007/2011-2012 Sienna XLE 3.5L V6 Gas

2004-2007 Sienna XLE 3.5L V6 Gas

2008-2015 Sienna

2002-2003 Solara SE 2.4L L4 Gas

2005-2010 tC 2.4L L4 Gas

2009-2011 Venza Base/LE/XLE 2.7L L4 Gas

2008-2016 xB Base 2.4L L4 Gas

Made to Meet or Exceed Original Equipment Standards

- Double laser-welded body for durability

- Fast-acting heater for optimal sensor operation

- Premium sensor tube for 100% accurate data

- Coated threads for easy installation

- If you encounter any questions about the code location, please message us in time! ! !

oxygen sensor

Timely Replacement of Your Vehicle’s Oxygen Sensors Matter!

The sensor achieves optimal engine performance by monitoring the oxygen content in a vehicle’s exhaust and regulating the air/fuel mixture to the ideal ratio of 14.7 parts air to 1 part fuel

oxygen sensor

Increased fuel efficiency

o2 sensor

Lower emissions

o2 sensor

Improved engine performance

oxygen sensor

Prevents catalytic converter damage

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