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KAX® 3268/3268N New Starter Replacement fit for Ford

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   |   SKU: KX1STR03300U1

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About this item

  • Spec:Unit Type: [Starter], Voltage: [1.4kW / 12 V], Rotation: [CW], Teeth: [10] Starter Type: [PMGR] -Make sure that the part fits your exact vehicle, please check the fitment notes & filter system & description for accurate information.
  • [ADAPTED MODELS]:1992-1996 Bronco/1990-1991 Colony Park/1989-1997 Cougar/90-91 Country Squire/2003 E-150/2003 E-150 Club Wagon/1992-2002 E-150 Econoline/1992-2002 E-150 Econoline Club Wagon/2003 E-250/92-02 E-250 Econoline/92-96 E-350 Econoline/92-98 F150/92-96 F250/1997 F250 HD/92-97 F350/90-91 Grand Marquis/90-91 LTD Crown Victoria/90-92 Mark VII/1992-2004 Mus-tang/1989-1995 Thunderbird/1990 Town Car
  • [REPLACES OEM NUMBERS]:3854190, 3854190-0, 3C24-11000-AA, 3C24-AA, 3C2Z-11002-AA, 3C2Z-11002-AARM, 987811 10093, 12188, 18-5920, 244-9240, 280-5103, 3180000, 3200N, 3200N-USA, 3205, 3205S, 323-508, 3268N, 3268N-C, 3268S, 336-1114, 336-1114A, 336-1809, 337-1036, 39-3268SN, 41-3200, 41-3205, 41-3268, 410-14023, 410-14023R, 410-14046, 5075M, 9-15902, 97101
  • [PRECAUTIONS FOR STARTER]: When the starter is working, the current is very large, therefore the starting time should not exceed 5s each time, and the intermittent should be less than 15s during repeated starting since the battery and the starter are easily damaged. It is strictly forbidden to start in gear, use the starter to move the vehicle, or start for 3 consecutive times, and check engine failure.
  • [BRAND NEW STARTER]: All components are 100% brand new, and all dimensions, key mounting surfaces and contact points have been measured for higher performance. If you encounter problems, please contact us for replacement, we will take all that we can to help you.
New Starter Replacement

Compatible Model and Year List(including but not limited to)

Bronco 1992-1996
Colony Park 1990-1991
Cougar 1989-1997
Country Squire 1990-1991
E-150 2003
E-150 Club Wagon 2003
E-150 Econoline 1992-2002
E-150 Econoline Club Wagon 1992-2002
E-250 Econoline 1992-2002
E-350 Econoline 1992-1996
E-350 Econoline Club Wagon 1992-1996
F-150 1992-1998
F-250 1992-1996
F-350 1992-1997
Grand Marquis 1990-1991
LTD Crown Victoria 1990-1991
Mark VII 1990-1992
Mustang 1992-2004
Thunderbird 1989-1994
Town Car 1990

Precautions for use of starter

  • 1. When the starter is working, the current is very large. The starting time should not exceed 5s each time, and the intermittent should not be less than 15s during repeated starting. Otherwise, the battery and the starter will be easily damaged.
  • 2. If you can't start for 3 consecutive times, check for engine failure. It is strictly forbidden to start in gear and use the starter to move the vehicle.
  • 3. After the engine is started, the key should be turned immediately to make the drive pinion of the starter withdraw in time to reduce unnecessary wear and tear.
  • 4. If there is a sound of beating teeth when starting, stop immediately, wait for the starter to stop and start again.

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• 05/31/2022

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