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2023 Toyota Prius Aims to Dominate Hybrid Market—More than Ever

With some help from its plug-in sibling, the Prius Prime.

The Toyota Prius is all-new for 2023, with a new chassis, drivetrain, and features across the hybrid family.

Based on the TNGA-C platform, both the Prius and Prius Prime share a futuristic, aerodynamic design, backed up by a significant increase in electrified 2.0-liter four-cylinder power, up to 196 hp and 220 hp, respectively.

All-wheel drive is now an option on the Prius, while the Prius Prime gets a solar panel charging roof and semi-autonomous traffic jam capabilities, with both models having significant technology and safety package upgrades as well.

Toyota has included a new suite of driver assistance technology as standard in both models. will include dynamic lane-tracing assist, and proactive driving assist. is particularly interesting, allowing the car to independently brake and steer to avoid pedestrians, cyclists, and other road-goers.

BY Emmet White

Porsche's 911 Dakar Is Rally-Pedigree—from the Factory

Rally history is on display with Stuttgart's new daily-drivable off-road 911.

Porsche makes sports car history by launching its first publicly available rally car, the $223,450 911 Dakar.

After extensive testing, Porsche has settled on a 3.0-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder boxer engine with 473 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque and an 8-speed PDK.

True to rally form, an 80-mm suspension lifts the car, along with an optional roof rack and model-specific Pirelli Scorpion all-terrain tires.

Turbocharged flat-six power mounted in the rear and an off-road ready ride height is the configuration of dreams for —and a configuration you can buy new in a matter of months. For the first time in the company’s history, Porsche will offer a rally-spec 911. Known as the , a limited run of 2500 units will be produced for the 2023 model year, and no more after that, Porsche says. Set to arrive at US dealers next spring, prospective buyers can expect a steep MSRP of $223,450.

BY Emmet White

The 2024 Fiat 500e Is the Urban EV We Need

Revived for 2024, the Fiat 500e could fill in an overlooked part of the EV market.

The Fiat 500e is coming back—Stellantis executives announce the compact EV will be available in the US starting in early 2024.

As a teaser, Fiat brought three special-edition 500e models to this year's LA Auto Show, with designs from Giorgio Armani, Kartell, and Bvlgari.

The compact car is a dying breed, but Fiat's model might be a step in the right direction for future urban, four-wheeled mobility.

Inner city, short to medium-range commuting is the ideal realm for electric propulsion, so long as the can support it. And it's not just for the sake of the planet that small EVs may soon dominate urban commuting—it could also be a better experience for the driver.

The blueprint is already there for an influx of compact, zero tailpipe emissions cars, thanks to the fuel-efficient that came before. And no Italian compact is as recognizable as the . The original form sold from 1957 until 1975, but most of us will be more acquainted with the Fiat-Chrysler/Stellantis-backed version from 2011 on.

The in its current form is, well, old, but that's partially why an electric refresh suits it. Regardless of its battery capacity, the will be more efficient and more fun. With instant electric torque, regenerative braking, and an updated chassis, the 500e will also be easier to drive, making a breeze.

BY Emmet White

bZ Compact SUV Concept Could Be Toyota's Second EV

While the exterior appears to be near production-ready, the wild interior with the steering yoke and curved display screens might need toning down.

Toyota revealed its bZ Compact SUV Concept during the LA Auto Show, the second battery-electric vehicle in what promises to be 30 of them by 2030.

The concept is smaller than the current bZ4X crossover and likely will be called the bZ3X if it goes into production.

No powertrain information was given, aside from the fact that it will be all-electric.

Toyota’s leisurely pace up until now with EVs may have been due to its success with hybrid-electric vehicles, a segment it dominated for 25 years starting with the first, groundbreaking Prius. In fact, just seconds before it introduced the bZ Compact SUV Concept at this week's LA Auto Show, it debuted the new hybrids.

BY Mark Vaughn

VW Readies Scout, but Will It Be as Pricey as Rivian?

Volkswagen's electric 4x4 brand for America shows promise as an idea, but enthusiasts will have to wait a while to get one.

VW shares new teaser image of 2026 Scout SUV EV, which it plans to produce alongside a four-door electric pickup.

The automaker has launched a website for Scout enthusiasts ahead of the first appearance of the SUV in concept form in 2023.

Scout EVs will be produced stateside, with VW now working on setting up the new automaker.

The version VW is previewing with this teaser is the SUV, which you can tell by the length of the interior in the image, stretching all the way to the D-pillar. It's a good bet the Scout SUV will have three rows as an option, even though in an earlier teaser the SUV had a wheelbase far shorter than that of the pickup. (Still, if a Tesla Model Y can offer three rows, at least on paper, a Bronco-sized SUV can surely manage a similar feat).

Scout EVs will be built stateside instead of Germany, as there's still the Chicken Tax to address when it comes to the four-door pickup.

BY Jay Ramey

The Buick Century Is Now a Luxury Yacht for the Road

The ultra-luxury minivan segment is alive and well, but mostly outside of North America.

Buick reveals Century luxury minivan for the Chinese market, offered in four- and six-passenger versions.

The minivan boasts a 32-inch screen built into the powered limousine window partition, among other luxury features.

The Buick brand has a loyal following in China and offers a more varied lineup in the country than it does stateside, having relaunched in China in the late 1990s.

You may get a certain mental image when you hear the words "Buick Century," but we're betting it doesn't look like this. But this is indeed a Buick Century, albeit one destined for the Middle Kingdom, and it's more of a private jet for the road than a vehicle for the school run.

Of course, minivans are nothing new. GM has offered them in China dating back almost two decades, with the Buick GL8 being one of the segment leaders since its introduction in 1999 as a naff carbon copy of the Chevy Venture.

BY Jay Ramey

The 2024 Subaru Impreza Goes Hatch Only, Ditches the Stick

Subaru revives its legendary 2.5 RS for its next-generation Impreza.

The 2024 Subaru Impreza celebrates turning 30 with its new sixth-generation model.

The upcoming Impreza features 2.0-liter and 2.5-liter boxer engine options, making 152 hp and 182 hp, respectively.

Subaru revives the popular RS badge for the Impreza and pays homage to the nameplate's performance heritage.

If you want the more powerful engine, you’ll have to step up to the RS trim, as base and Sport models come with the 2.0-liter mill. The Sport and RS both have paddles flanking the steering column to manipulate the CVT’s step logic if you want to outsmart your next car’s computer.

Subaru dove into the and gave the new Impreza its dual-pinion steering rack, designed for better steering feel and to be more responsive to your inputs. We’ll find out how effective this system is in the new Impreza when we get time behind the wheel. The Impreza also gets Subaru’s SI-Drive engine management system with selectable modes, but only on Sport and RS models.

BY Wesley Wren

Facelifted 2024 Kia Seltos, Shown in LA, Gets 20 More HP

The five-passenger ute competes in the jam-packed 'small crossover' category.

Debuting in LA, the 2024 Kia Seltos crossover will come with your choice of two engines, a 2.0-liter four and a turbocharged 1.6-liter, the latter which makes 195 hp and 195 lb-ft of torque.

The compact crossover gets four USB charging ports, a power liftgate, ventilated front seats, and a new exterior color, Pluton Blue.

Look for the new 2024 Seltos in the first half of 2023.

The competes in a huge segment of the market: small crossovers. It goes up against 30 different rivals, from the Encore GX to the Tiguan and everything in between. Among those are segment leaders like the Crosstrek, and the , all of which outsell it by about three to one.

So something like a mid-cycle refresh takes on added importance for the Seltos, which can use all the help it can get. Kia unveiled the 2024 Seltos at the Los Angeles Auto Show today, giving it not only a new front and rear look, but 20 more horsepower from the 1.6-liter turbo engine.

BY Mark Vaughn

Jay Leno Recovering from Burn Surgery; Doctor Hopes for Full Recovery

Leno’s doctor says the comedian is progressing well, but burns are ‘progressive and dynamic.’

A doctor responsible for Leno's care updated the media during a press conference and notes the comedian is in good spirits.

Despite the nature of the burns, the doctor sounds hopeful of Leno's recovery.

A car collector and lover of all things automotive, Leno is undergoing to help his wounds heal.

Comedian, talk show host, and car collector Jay Leno suffered , according to Dr. Peter Grossman, who spoke with the media about Leno’s condition and offered good news.

Grossman, a plastic surgeon and medical director at the Grossman Burn Center, says Leno is progressing well and has a good chance for a full recovery. Still, Grossman says the burns are “progressive and dynamic and it’s hard to predict what the final outcome will be at this stage in the game.”

The doctor also paints a better picture of what happened to Leno, saying Leno was underneath a car when the fire started. That fire affected his face, chest, and hands. Leno has already undergone one surgery and is reportedly in good spirits.

According to , the car in question was a 1907 White steam car, which—as odd as it might sound—uses gasoline to heat the boiler. Leno was reportedly underneath the steam car fixing a fuel line when he was sprayed with fuel. A spark ignited the fuel and caused Leno’s burns.

As , Leno still isn’t out of the woods yet. He will have to undergo at least one more surgery this week and possible surgeries in the future. Still, Leno is reportedly in good spirits and appears to be receiving excellent care.

Have a favorite Jay Leno moment or a favorite car in Leno’s collection? Tell us about it below.

BY Wesley Wren