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PHILTOP® ACF047 (CF12160) 2016-2021 Hyundai Tucson L4 2.0L(More Available) Cabin Air Filter

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   |   SKU: 6435ACF047QUS

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PHILTOP® ACF047 (CF12160) 2016-2021 Hyundai Tucson L4 2.0L(More Available) Cabin Air Filter
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  • Enjoy Fresh Air: PHILTOP ACF047 cabin air filter is made of three high-efficiency filter materials: long fiber electrostatic cloth, activated carbon, and acrylic resin coated filter paper, which can filter up 99% of dust, pollen, and other contaminants in the air, provide a comfortable car environment for you and your family
  • Enhances HVAC Performance: The special structure of the long-fiber layer electrostatic cotton makes the dust-holding area times higher than other flat materials, with enough gaps for air passage to improve the heating and cooling efficiency of HVAC and prevent musty odors from forming inside the car
  • Easy to Install: The replacement process including instructions is very simple. No tools are required, most cars can be installed in 5 minutes, saving your money and time compared to a repair shop
  • Cross Reference: Compatible with Kona (2018-2021), Tucson (2016-2021), Veloster (2019-2021), Veloster N (2019-2021), Venue (2020-2021), Seltos (2021), Soul, Sportage; CF12160
  • Warm Recommend: Replace every 12 months or when it drives to 12,000 miles. If you often drive in heavily polluted areas and muddy roads, it is recommended that you replace them frequently to keep the air fresh in the car
CF12160 cabin air filter

Air Fresh Protect Your Drive Life

PHILTOP provide premium cabin air filters to help prevent pollutants from being inhaled by the driver and passengers, and provide fresh air on the driving road. At the same time protect your car engine from the intrusion of pollutants that may cause damage.

cabin air filter replacement

Effective Adsorption:

When the weather is warm, pollen spreads faster, which is easy to cause uncomfortable. PHILTOP cabin air filter can effectively prevent pollen from entering the cabin and protect the free breathe of the driver and passengers.

cabin filter

Keep Clean and Fresh:

Effectively prevent fine dust particles, filter dust in the air, and prevent dust from entering the air conditioning system to generate an air conditioning circulation system. Remove more than 98% of the dust from the outside air to achieve the function of purifying the air. This greatly improves overall driving comfort.

fresh cabin air filter

Reduce Odors in Car:

By expanding the surface area of activated carbon to improve its adsorption effect, it can effectively absorb any odors. For example: special smells produced by human or pet activities; special smells produced by leather and other decorative materials.

air filter

Protect Safe Driving:

Driving in a haze environment with cabin air filters can keep the air in the car fresh without reducing the driver's concentration, thereby protecting the driver be safe.

cabin air filter replacement

cabin filter

fresh cabin air filter

air filter

Compatible Model and Year List:

Kona 2018-2021
Tucson L4 1.6L 2016-2018
Tucson L4 2.0L 2016-2021
Tucson L4 2.4L 2018-2021
Veloster 2019-2021
Veloster N 2019-2021
Venue 2020-2021
Seltos 2021
Soul 2020-2021
Sportage 2017-2021
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