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Custom Car Seat Covers

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ABOUT Custom Car Seat Covers

· Custom Car Seat Covers

Custom Car Seat Covers

Do you want temporary or permanent protection for your vehicle's seats from wear and stains? Or do you want to customize them with different colors or texture, or upgrade to luxurious leather or the comfort of sheepskin? Or maybe you want to do a complete seat makeover with new foam, springs, trim and upholstery? No matter what kind of project you have in mind, you can make it happen with our huge selection of seat covers and upholstery. From universal slip-ons to custom leather upholstery to pet protectors, we have it all.

Ultimate Protection in Style

If you have a newer vehicle, installing a set of seat covers is a smart move. They'll take the wear and tear from daily use and spilled drinks so your original upholstery will remain pristine. If your car is older and the seats are torn and tattered, they will give your interior a whole new look and feel, making driving more enjoyable. We have towel protectors, available with different logos, which can be slipped on for temporary shielding after the game or a day at the beach, and an extensive selection of custom options if you want long term protection.

For Any Vehicle & Lifestyle

The products we offer are tailored to fit the seats on each make and model, so you can expect a perfect fit on your car or truck, with no looseness, bunching, or wrinkling. They'll accommodate the specific features including headrests, armrests, switches, etc. Our cloth protectors come in a range of materials, patterns, and colors including polycotton, neoprene, suede, velour, tweed, Alcantara, and Cordura, and some are available with various logos and designs. If you're an outdoorsman, then a set of camo covers may be your finest choice. They're available in many different camouflage patterns, and with handy storage compartments on the back.

Be Spoiled for Choice

Many car owners upgrade their interiors with various protective accessories to retain their sleek look. Seat covers are among them. Available in multiple materials, designs, and styles, they will meet any buyers' needs and keep even the most-abused interiors clean. When choosing a set of covers, you should determine their expected purpose and function.

Custom look & feel of luxury. Some seat covers are made from premium grade leather to provide an upgrade in style, feel, and comfort. If you're on a budget, our leatherette covers are designed to look and feel like leather, but at an affordable price.

Ultimate protection from pet paws and claws. Pet seat protectors are easy to install and available in versions that provide complete protection for the seat, floor and even front seat back from stains, hair, and sharp claws.

Extra comfort. Sheepskin covers will help keep you cool in the summer and warm in winter and give your cabin a plush look. We also have the seat cushions that will make traveling pleasant and have you feeling fresh at the end of your journey.

How to Repair and Customize Your Car's Arm Rest Cover

Every part of your car is bound to deteriorate. No matter how small or static a part may be, it cannot escape the signs of old age and consistent use. Your vehicle's arm rest cover is one good example. Because it comes in contact with people's arms on a regular basis, material wear is inevitable. You have the option to buy a replacement arm rest cover. But you can also do the repair and customization yourself. This will not only save you some good money, you will also have the opportunity to personalize your arm rest cover.

Difficulty level: Easy

What you'll need:


·Upholstery material

·Upholstery foam


·Upholstery adhesive

·Staple gun

·Hair dryer

Step 1: Detach your arm rest from the car chair using a screwdriver. Check the screws. If they are still in a good condition, keep them. If they are damaged, bring them to the store as a guide and buy new ones.

Step 2: Warm up your upholstery material under direct sunlight or use the hair dryer. This will help you stretch and move the material as you cover the arm rest. Heating is especially good for vinyl materials.

Step 3: Remove the old upholstery material and replace the foam underneath if you have to. Attach the new foam to your arm rest using the spray adhesive. Place your heated upholstery material over the arm rest. Use the staple gun to attach the new cover. Make sure that there are no loose ends and that the new material is stapled directly to the underside of the arm rest frame.

Step 4: Remove the excess material using your fabric scissors. Re-attach the arm rest to your car chair. Follow the same procedure for the other arm rests inside your vehicle.

Doing the upholstery of your car's arm rest is simple if you have the necessary materials and you know what to do. The time needed to finish the entire process depends on how many arm rest covers you are going to make. For the cover, you can actually choose the color, texture, and material that you want to use. Common upholstery materials are leather, cloth, and vinyl.

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