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ABOUT Bags & Pockets

· Bags & Pockets

Bags & Pockets

SuncentAuto cargo tray bags are the ideal way to keep your belongings well protected from water, dirt, road grime and even wind damage, all while being easy to manage and perfectly fitted for a cargo carrier or roof basket. Unlike other cargo bags that use a thin vinyl material, our cargo tray bags are made from a thick UV-resistant vinyl and have welded seams to be highly water-resistant. This cargo tray bag is designed to protect your stuff from road dirt, water, and even wind damage while being easy to set-up and best suited for a roof basket. This cargo tray bag has a heavy-duty zipper that goes halfway around the bag with hook-and-loop flap to keep the zipper protected and the inside dry.

Bring your outdoor essentials with you safely with this Waterproof Cargo Tray Bag. This item is rugged, all-weather, dry storage is meant for use on vehicle racks, cargo carriers and rear hatch or trunk spaces. It's waterproof with a soft side that is expandable to accommodate different types of items you need to stash. It is suited for transporting fishing equipment, camping gear, beach items, luggage and more. Each expandable cargo bag features Velcro strips that are designed to hold the top in place when compacted, reducing excess material from bellowing in the wind. It also features an integrated storm flap system and hitch folds over its heavy-duty self-repairing zipper. It's made with thick and heavy-duty PVC material to withstand rough use.

This cargo tray bags comes with a heavy-duty zipper that wraps 3/4 of the way around the bag and hook-and-loop flaps to keep the zipper completely covered and the inside of the bag dry. For a little extra security, the zippers are able to be joined together and feature large holes to accept a padlock. All of our cargo bags are easy to fold up for compact storage and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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