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Portable Power

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ABOUT Portable Power

· Portable Power

Portable Power

Portable power stations are the smaller, lesser-known cousins of generators. They keep your power tools, phone and other electronics charged and running smoothly. These versatile, lunch-box-size power banks can go with you to construction sites, on camping trips or wherever else you need electricity. They're also useful backup power sources during a power outage when you need to keep your phone on or an essential appliance running.

SuncentAuto Portable Power Station is a rechargeable battery-powered generator. Equipped with AC outlet, DC carport and USB charging ports, they can keep all your gear charged, from smartphones, laptops, to CPAP and appliances, like mini coolers, electric grill and coffee maker, etc.

A portable power station is the best option if you need to juice up common personal electronics and small appliances while spending long periods of time away from household AC outlets, or if you want to have backup power ready to go in case of an emergency.

These devices are basically large batteries in protective boxes, with AC outlets and other ports built in. They're much bigger, heavier, more powerful, and generally more rugged than our power bank and portable laptop charger recommendations. That gives them more versatility for activities like camping with lots of electronic gear, working in a remote corner of your home, screening a movie in your backyard, or staging a scenic photoshoot.

To maximize the lifespan of a portable power station, store it in a cool, dry place. Most are rated to operate in temperatures ranging from 10 °F to 100 °F, but long periods in extreme temps (below freezing or above 86 °F) can cause permanent damage to the battery.

To ensure your portable power station is charged up and ready to go when you need it, you can store it plugged into a wall outlet. If there's no outlet nearby, it's also fine to store it unpluggedall batteries lose their charge over time, but healthy lithium-ion batteries lose only a small percentage each month.

Never use a portable power station to run high-drain devices for long periods of time, or any devices that exceed its output rating. Large power tools (such as a circular saw or jackhammer) or appliances that generate heat (such as a space heater, a curling iron, or an electric griddle) can damage the internal components and void the warranty.

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